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LV Modern Bloom Design was established in October 2020, yes, during the pandemic! I fell into the floral industry by accident. My first time working with floral was on Valentine's Day at a local grocery store in Las Vegas (My hometown). I quickly learned that Valentine's Day is one of the busiest holidays for the floral industry. So not knowing anything about flowers or arranging them, let's say this caused me to have the most significant panic attack of my life at work. I've always done well at problem-solving, so I just used my creative skills and learned as I worked. After successfully making it through Valentine's Day, I was offered a floral manager position with the company, which motivated me to know all the floral designing basics in my free time. The more I learned and practiced, the better I became at mastering my craft. As I started to improve my skills, more opportunities began to come my way.
Throughout my journey, I've had the opportunity to work with large corporations on the Las Vegas Strip and several personal clients through social media and networking, allowing me to cultivate my relationships in the floral industry further. After working for several companies and being hired to design for bridal expos and corporate events, I started to build a passion for floral design. Seeing my clients' reactions when they received their creations only inspired me to do more.
The year 2020 has pushed me to work harder than ever and never give up. It made me realize my talent brings smiles to many faces and realize my worth as an individual. October 2020, I overcame my fear of working for myself and failure. I've had the best time watching my company BLOOM!


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